Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Great Baseball References Available on Google Books

BaseballMusings, via James Crabtree, points out that the 1905 Reach Guide is available for free download via Google Books.

However, if you take that one step further and search Google Books for other baseball books, you'll see that the 1905 Reach Guide isn't the only one available. This search will return all books that Google Books has the full text freely available, many of which can be downloaded directly. Included are Baseball Goes to War, by William B. Mead, the 1910 Baseball Reach Guide, and the 1912 Who's Who in Baseball.

And don't forget that the full run of Baseball Digest is also available on Google Books.


Matt Smith said...

There are definitely some treasures to be found on Google Books. One of my favourite finds is an article on Babe Ruth in the March 1928 edition of Popular Mechanics. I especially like the photo of him undertaking a test "where it was found that the Co-ordinate speed of his eyes, brain, nerves and arm was ten per cent higher than the average"!

lar said...

Thanks, Matt. I'll definitely have to look for that and other hidden gems from the other magazines available.

I hope they get more magazines to sign on, though. It's so easy to use Google Books' search (esp compared to, say, SI Vault).